Nu-flex Base Course

To complement our wearing-course options Nu-flex have developed a range of products that can be used in the most extreme environments to eliminate the need for a bound aggregate sub base. The Nu-flex base-course allows for maximum stability, flexibility and porosity and works in conjunction with our other products to deliver an ‘off the shelf’, cost-effective solution that can save preparation time for ‘normal’ installations.

This product is available in a variety of different specifications to allow for porosity as well as tensile strength depending upon the final design or location. Please contact us for detailed specification sheets.

Nu-flex Wearing Course

The development of a full suite of wearing-course options is critical to be able to offer the customer exactly what they need. At Nu-flex we have developed a range of products that can be used in a variety of arenas to ensure that the correct type is specified and installed.

The products range in ‘crumb’ density as well as aggregate type, colour and size creating a portfolio that can be matched with the customer’s requirements or the ‘Sustainable Drainage System’ (SuDS) standards. Please contact us for detailed specification sheets.

Case Studies

We pride ourselves on being able to demonstrate our experience and knowledge through detailed case studies. These cover not just the ‘run of the mill’ installations but also situations where we have offered that unique solution, either from an engineering perspective or by working with the client to minimise any potential environmental issues.

If you require copies of these, please use the ‘contact’ page to get in touch and we’ll happily send them to you.


Specifications - Case Studies